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Conservative host debunks NC hospitals' denial of toddler transgender care

Matt Walsh, Daily Wire host and producer of the documentary What is a Woman, discussed EFA’s blockbuster report on Duke, UNC, and ECU offering to transition children as young as two.

Walsh describes the treatment that these North Carolina institutions offer toddlers:

Walsh refers to Newsweek's attempt to debunk EFA's claims about Duke Health's Dr. Deanna Adkins treating transgender two-year-olds.

Here is the excerpt from the story that flummoxed Newsweek:

They claim its not happening, but it is.

Deanna Adkins has stated for years that she treats transgender patients according to the guidelines of WPATH: World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

This is what WPATH Edition 7 guidelines say about the outward presentation of gender dysphoria in two-year-olds:

WPATH 7 Guidelines

Like the radical mad scientists at WPATH, Duke doctors pathologicalize toddlers playing with non-gender conforming toys. The diagnostic labeling, in turn, leads to the treatment of toddlers for gender dysphoria.

Try as they will, Newsweek and others cannot change the fact that this is real,

it is sick, and its happening in North Carolina.

Duke, UNC, and ECU have all downplayed what’s happening at their medical schools and clinics.

Why? Because its horrific and the top brass at these institutions know it. But as long as the public doesn't look, they can continue experimenting and ruining children as young as 2.

Here’s the truth: These institutions will not stop until we stop them.



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