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Child Grooming / Mutilation Promoters Endorse NC Candidates

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

By: Sloan Rachmuuth

PHOTO CREDIT: Todd Starnes - "Family friendly" Memphis drag show.

Are you a fan of drag shows for your little ones? Want to see your tax dollars used to mutilate children in the name of "Transgender" rights? The child grooming lobby Equality NC has just released its candidate endorsements for the midterms. Equality NC is a 501c4 with full-time lobbyists pushing extreme gender-bending supporting candidates and legislation.

In 2021, Equality NC successfully lobbied against the passage of House Bill 358 titled “Save Women’s Sports Act.” Its Primary Sponsor Rep. Mark Brody stated this about the legislation:

“In North Carolina, girls deserve to again compete on a level playing field. Instances of males competing in women’s sports exemplify the immediate need to act before fair competition and women’s athletic opportunities are destroyed. The Save Women’s Sports Act is the solution which ensures that all female athletes will be assured a level playing field to compete and win.”

The bill was reportedly killed by Republican House Speaker Tim Moore who told the Charlotte Observer, “A wise legislature does not go out looking for social issues to tap.”

In order to help kill the initiative, Equality NC's lobbyists and candidates likely put full-court pressure on Republicans.

In addition to legislation, Equality NC is on the front lines of the culture war and battling against the innocence of children. The organization sponsors obscene kiddie drag shows across North Carolina.

In downtown Apex, the organization forced a "family" drag show this summer after concerned citizens objected to their tax dollars funding public debauchery.

“It continues to be my goal that all voices in the community are represented,” Apex mayor Jaques Gilbert wrote in a FaceBook post before the event was canceled.

As Equality North Carolina announced it would sponsor the event, Johnson told WRAL, "We won't be forced back into a closet."

​​"What we saw in Apex was an attempt to invade our spaces, to silence us, to disperse us, and limit our freedom to be ourselves in our community," Johnson said.

Hence, screw the 90% of Apex residents who oppose men in g-strings exposing hairy backsides and bulging front sides, wearing wigs and lipstick parading around with toddlers.

The organization also promotes the sterilization and mutilation of children.

Equality NC applauded the recent decision of a federal judge requiring the state health plan to cover puberty blockers and mutilations and castrations for children of public employees. In November, Equality NC will headline a Wake Forest medical conference with lectures on "transitioning" sexes during childhood, and a lecture titled ”A Caregivers Overview of Puberty Blockers and HRT in Gender Diverse Youth.”

Just who has the ear of these deviance-promoters?

According to its website, Equality NC endorses some school board candidates like Lynn Edmonds and Lindsay Mahaffey in Wake County; and Judy Justice in New Hanover. A large number of statehouse candidates have been endorsed by the organization, indicating that it is mostly focused on state policy.


In recent years, radical gender ideologies have taken root within government institutions and created an existential threat for children, allowing organizations like Equality NC to thrive. In order to safeguard children's innocence and lives from organizations that push policies that abuse and manipulate them for their own sexual and political purposes.

Voters need to adopt an offensive posture by working to ensure candidates backed by Equality NC never sit on the school board or walk the halls of the state house.

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Chuck W
Chuck W
13 thg 9, 2022

Please provide a list of these "Equality North Carolina" endorsed candidates.

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