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BUSTED: ECU Confirms Child Sex-Reassignment Clinic While Politicians Deny

Updated: May 15

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Last month, Education First revealed that ECU's Dr. Jesse R. Peel LGBTQ Center

is offering “Safe Zone” training for K-12 school staff that would:

create a network of allies who are willing to talk to students about sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, in addition to demonstrating their support of the LGBTQ community by displaying the Safe Zone symbol.

Further investigation revealed that the school training is connected to ECU’s new "gender-affirming" clinic for children. Mark Rasdorf leads the LGBTQ center and sits on ECU's

Health Sciences Sexual & Gender Diversity Committee gave approval for the kiddie clinic.

From the ECU paper The East Carolinian:

East Carolina University’s Brody School of Medicine (BSoM) has started to see patients for the newly developed ECU LGBTQ+ Health Clinic in an effort to promote access to healthcare for the LGBTQ community in eastern North Carolina.
“We also do not know of any other pediatricians in our area offering this care to those 18 years old and younger,” Dendy said.
Dendy said the clinic is not yet widely publicized because there are still some logistics they need to sort out. She said that LGBTQ patients are currently being seen by Dendy and Matthai in the ECU Adult and Pediatric Health Care Clinic for the services they want their clinic to provide.
Gender affirmation care refers to treatments that include surgical and non-surgical treatment to transgender or non-binary people in their gender transition, a time in which a person changes their gender expression or sex characteristics. Dendy said she believes gender-affirmation care for people of all ages should be included in primary care.

According to the article, children as young as 4 could be seen for gender identity issues.

When we called ECU pediatrics last week to book an appointment for a 14-year-old boy, we were referred to the “Adult and Pediatric Health Care Unit” where Dr. Colby Dendy and Dr. Angie Matthai provide child hormone therapy treatments.

Listen to the call here:

In several places, ECU admits that Dr. Dendy, a pediatrician, is prescribing hormones for "all ages." The drugs Dendy is prescribing for gender dysphoria in children are not approved for use in children, and their effects are irreversible.

Local Republican politicians and a "conservative" media personality associated with ECU Health continue to publicly deny that the pediatric gender clinic exists (don't forget, ECU has the services listed on its website and is featured in news reports, and in treatment directories). These gaslighters will not defend the medical center’s practice of sterilizing and psychologically abusing children, nor explain to the public why it is ethical to disrupt the identity formation of a child in a barbaric way. Instead, they attack the credibility of EFA.

We have been contacted by healthcare workers affiliated with the ECU system who have offered us assistance from within. These people, and others, have begged us to continue on. And we will. We will not stop until we have closed down every child sterilization center in this state, including at ECU.

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