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Big Business and Ideology: How Profit and Politics Drive Transgender Treatment in North Carolina

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

North Carolina Hospitals and Universities Promote Child Sex Change Procedures: An Investigation


"It is in full swing...academia, therapists, hospitals – they're all working together towards a common and mutually profitable end," says Dinesh D'Souza.

North Carolina, known for its biotech companies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research universities, and medical schools, is also home to a significant rural population with traditional values.

EFA president Sloan Rachmuth and best-selling author Dinesh D'Souza delve into North Carolina's alarming network of hospitals, universities, and K-12 schools promoting child sex change procedures in a conservative population.

The medical and academic communities in North Carolina have formed a concerning "classroom to operating room pipeline." These institutions have actively promoted transgenderism through schools, using propaganda to specifically target children.

It's similar to fast-food companies using cartoon characters and catchy slogans to market to children. People may think they are making a choice, but corporations are manipulating people for profit at the expense of their health.

One major institution that draws attention is East Carolina University (ECU). Facing recent financial losses, the university has closed clinics while simultaneously planning to open an LGBTQ Institute to operate out of its pediatric department.

Surgery is not performed on young children, but social transitioning, puberty blockers, and hormone therapy can eventually lead to it. Many children who undergo social transitioning ultimately receive hormones and undergo surgery.

A recent study in Pediatrics examined the gender identity development trajectory of transgender-identified children after early social gender transition (SGT). A typical child was 6-7 years old at the time of SGT. After five years, almost all—97.5%—never stopped identifying as transgender. A mere 2.5% of the children reidentified as their biological sex by the end of the study.

To illustrate the impact of such practices, D'Souza compares teaching a child to call a chair a table. By telling children that they are a different gender and reinforcing this belief through societal messages, confusion, and manipulation are created.

Rachmuth said she strongly believes legislative action is necessary to address predatory and abusive practices in the medical industry. Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the Youth Protection Act that prohibited these procedures for minors. Rachmuth stresses the importance of public action, enforcement, and investigative journalism as crucial tools in combating these harmful practices.



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