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A Third NC School Using a Plan That Would Keep Childrens' Gender Change a Secret

By: Sloan Rachmuth

Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools recently became the third district with a plan to keep a student's journey into transgenderism secret if school staff deems parents unsupportive. The district's gender support plan outlines a student's name and pronoun, the bathroom they want to use, any safety concerns they have, and whether parents support their child's transition. According to a recent news report, the district began using the plan back in 2015.

Documents obtained by Brooke Weiss from Moms for Liberty in Charlotte show that the district’s plan has been copied from an organization called “Gender Spectrum," a Transgender education nonprofit. The organization partners with Planned Parenthood and boasts programs reaching educators who work with more than 3.2 million children. According to its website, the organization has this goal:

Our approach is to take the critical areas of children’s lives and work to bring greater gender understanding and inclusion. We focus on creating gender-inclusive spaces throughout the primary domains of all children’s lives.

But it is this passage from their mission that is the most troubling because Gender Spectrum admits their intention is to usurp parental rights:

We start with the child, then radiate outwards, working with adults and institutions that affect all children to create gender-inclusive environments from birth through young adulthood.

On Gender Spectrum's website, in its section for educators, the organization outlines the ways in which schools should become "gender-inclusive":

  • Recognize that gender impacts all students

  • Interrupt binary notions of gender

  • Acknowledge and account for gender diversity

  • Question limited portrayals of gender

  • Support students’ self-reflection

  • Teach empathy and respect

Additionally, Gender Spectrum partners with the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States which promotes the idea that teaching pornography to elementary school children is appropriate.


Earlier this year we reported that Orange County schools used Gender Spectrum’s plan which asks teachers:

  • "Name to be used when referring to the student?"

  • "Who will be the point person for ensuring these adjustments are made and communicated as needed?"

  • "How will instances be handled in which the incorrect name or pronoun are used by staff members or students?"

Last week we reported that New Hannover County schools put their own “gender support plan” in place to keep from parents a child’s “gender” change and to instead assign another adult at school to give one-on-one support to a child “transitioning.”

Over the last decade, 13 teachers in the district have been fired or resigned after they were found to have abused children sexually while school administrators allegedly ignored the incidents. Children were often left alone with teachers when the abuse took place.

See Education First Alliance's President Sloan Rachmuth's interview on Newsmax where she discusses New Hanover's Gender Plan.

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