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1st Graders Will Be Taught Thanksgiving and Independence Day Symbolize America's Depravity

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

What messages is the district trying to inculcate in our children?

By: Sloan Rachmuth

*photo courtesy of New York Times

For Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools (CMS), children are never too young to be indoctrinated into hating America. Education First Alliance has received the new K-5 Social Studies curriculum planned for the district, and it reveals how administrators plan to use propaganda to remold children's attitudes about their homeland.

For example, instead of watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special or performing a quaint pilgrim reenactment for parents, this year first graders will learn that Europeans brought diseased bodies and blood-lust to Plymouth to decimate the Native population.

critical race theory
CMS 1st Grade Social Studies Curriculum

Teachers will be basing holiday lessons on a New York Times article titled "Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving Is Wrong," written by a self-described Lebanese writer (and former Times "gender" reporter) Maya Salam. Her article feature social justice academics hellbent on destroying America's shared heritage who claim that the Pilgrims were "separatists" who came to colonize Plymouth to "make money" and establish a religious theocracy.

Aside from perverting Thanksgiving, CMS first-graders will be encouraged to repudiate the Fourth of July because of the country's history of slavery. The curriculum also paints celebrating Columbus Day as taboo because it might offend Native Americans whose ancestors were killed back in 1492.

The first-grade lessons repeatedly center oe supposed evils of American history. In three places, teachers are reminded to: "reiterate to students that the history behind some nationally recognized holidays are mentioned with objections or have a difficult history at their root."

In a nutshell, the curriculum finds something problematic about every element of our holiday traditions, just as there is something problematic about every element of traditional American culture. The progressive leftists who dominate public education see nothing redeemable about such a racist, xenophobic, capitalistic culture, and thus, they see little worth preserving. So why are these extremists entrusted with drafting what our next generation will be learning?

Children celebrate America's culture and traditions as a means to transcend racial, ethnic, religious, and even the "gender" wars that progressive demagogues have worked ambitiously to foment. The progressives know this and it is why we see administrators promoting inaccurate and divisive propaganda in the classroom.

There is an ongoing war on America's history, traditions, and culture. Unless people stand up to stop this radical agenda in our schools, we have little hope of preserving our great national character.

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