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Excited Children in Science Class

STOP North Carolina's Child Spying Program!

Tell Legislators to DEFUND NC Department of Instruction & NC Health and Human Services spying program in our classrooms!

No parent should ever fear unlawful surveillance of their families in public schools, especially from those charged with educating and caring for their children - yet that is exactly what's happening.  


The NC Department of Instruction (NCDPI) has partnered with NC Health and Human Services (NCHSS) is operating a program called "Social Emotional Learning" (SEL) which requires invasive Panorama Surveys to be administered to 1.5 million public school children via a software program attached to their student identifier number. Children are asked questions about their sexuality, race, nationality, and about their lifestyles at home. Alarmingly children are also asked to complete a psychiatric evaluation! 

Children are protected by gross invasions of privacy by Federal and State Laws which require parental notification and consent prior to student surveys data collection is supposed to be aggregated. Yet that has not always happened in school districts across North Carolina.  In Pitt County, for example, many parents were never notified prior to schools giving Panorama Surveys. In one case, a parent called the principal to opt their child out of these surveys and after the principal agreed, she coerced the child into taking the survey the following day. In other cases, school Superintendents have lied to elected school board members - giving them a FAKE survey to conceal their nefarious plans.

The NCDPI claims the surveys will "allow issues of equity to be studied and acted upon."  We should STOP conducting government-run psychological experiments on public school children!!

We have these questions that the NCDPI has not answered:

  • Why are children's data identified and attached to their student ID?

  • Why are Principals using coercion and dishonesty to make students take these surveys?

  • Why is a foreign organization with ties to the Chinese government paying for these surveys?

  • Why is NC Department of Health involved with collecting mental health data of public school children?

  • Will NCDPI force medical or psychological treatment on white children to achieve its equity goals?

  • Since some districts are not allowing parents to object to surveys, will schools give drugs to children without the knowledge of parents?

Please join us in calling on the NCDPI and the NC General Assembly to STOP funding and fully dismantle the  Panorama Survey program, the SEL Program, and the Office of Equity Affairs - the programs that comprise North Carolina's Child Spying Program. The millions spent on the program move money out of critically needed programs such as learning loss programs and gifted student education. 


Tell  Superintendent Catherine Truitt and the NCGA to immediately DEFUND the  Panorama Survey program, the SEL Program, and the NCDPI Office of Equity Affairs.  Sign the Petition! 👇🏻👇🏻

Dear Representatives Hardister, Hurley, Torbett, and Elmore,

We, the undersigned, vigorously oppose the NCDPI and NCHSS' programs that collect private data on children so it may be acted on for purposes to ensure racial and sex"equity." This unlawful merging of surveillance, public health, and educational "equity" will continue to have devastating consequences for North Carolina Public Schools and the 1.5 million children served by the State.  Please defund and dismantle the Panorama Survey Program, the SEL Program, and the NCDPI Office of Equity Affairs at once.



Sign the petition.

STOP Child Surveillance in NC's Public Schools!

Thanks for standing up!
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