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North Carolinians Against Antisemitism

We are deeply disturbed to learn that several UNC-Chapel Hill student groups plan to celebrate the October 7th massacre in Israel by staging a day of "resistance" against Jews. 

Diabolically, UNC chapters of Student for Justice in Palestine, Young Democratic Socialists, Community Justice, Abolition & Antiracism, and The National Lawyers Guild are promoting their event using a graphic of a Hamas terrorist paragliding in to slaughter defenseless young adults, most of whom were the same age as the Jewish students on your campus. 


Dozens of these paragliding terrorists swooped down on a music festival on October 7th to butcher and rape, innocent civilians, using machine guns to mow down those who tried to escape the horror. 


By the time they’d finished, Hamas killed over 260 college-aged festival attendees and snatched dozens more into Gaza, where they are now being tortured and used as human shields to protect the cowardly and murderous, but duly *elected* regime of Hamas. 


Whatever one’s feelings about Middle East politics, no reasonable person could view this campus event as anything other than an attempt to intimidate and demoralize Jewish students into, at a minimum, hiding their identities for fear of hostility.


At worst, Jewish students, some of whom are Israeli, and have relatives who have died, or may yet die in the fighting, will suffer deep psychological and emotional distress hearing the hate coming from their fellow students, and their allegedly “inclusive” university employees.  


This is not an academic freedom issue or a First Amendment issue. This is a clear case of intimidation and bigotry, masquerading as freedom of speech and assembly.


Ask yourselves if you would allow a neo-Nazi group to host a similar event, celebrating “resistance” against Israel? If the flyer had swastikas rather than paragliders, would that be permitted? There is no meaningful difference. Both the swastika and the paraglider symbolize Jewish genocide.


Permitting events like these, and groups like this, after they have clearly demonstrated their hate-driven agenda, isn't just a signal to Jewish students that UNC doesn't include them, and doesn't care about their safety, it's a signal to parents, and taxpayers, and rational decent people of all faiths who abhor the barbarism of Hamas and its sympathizers. All North Carolinians deserve to send their children to a university free from abuse, especially when we pay for it. 


Therefore, in order to protect all students at UNC-Chapel Hill, as well as the reputation of the university, we demand that you permanently suspend the UNC chapters of Student for Justice in Palestine, Young Democratic Socialists, Community Justice, Abolition & Antiracism, The National Lawyers Guild.


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