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FIRE Sneha Shah-Coltrane

Tell Superintendent Catherine Truitt to FIRE the CRT-promoting director of North Carolina's Governors School & Academically Gifted Program. 

On August 24th, Lt Governor Mark Robinson released his F.A.C.T.S. Task Force report which contained significant proof of Leftist indoctrination at the residential summer gifted and talented program, Governor’s School.  Curriculum materials included privilege lists forcing students to learn about “Christian”, “Cis-gender”, “Heterosexual”, “White” and “Male” privilege.  Students were told to journal about their heterosexual privileges and Flying Gender Unicorns discussed.  The teacher, as we learned from the whistleblower, was not licensed to teach in the state of North Carolina, but had participated in a number of Leftist activist activities.


Sneha Shah-Coltrane at the DPI oversees the Governors School. Coltrane supports the racist Learning for Justice program and she promotes anti-racist teacher trainings by radical BOE member James Ford.  


Now she indoctrinates NC high school students in her own radical ideologies through the residential gifted program, Governor’s School.  Isn’t a Gifted and Talented program supposed to challenge students with advanced intellectual topics in physics, math, foreign language, music, composition?  Not anymore.  Now Ms. Shah-Coltrane takes advantage of students away from parental oversight, and forces slides about “Intersectionality” and “Systemic Racism as fact” and “Gender is a construct” without warning and without transparency.  These concepts are upheld by Ms. Shah-Coltrane’s own public Twitter proclamations.

Gender Unicorn__

Please sign your name to our petition asking Superintendent Truitt to FIRE Sneha Shah-Coltrane for violating students' civil rights at the Governors School. 

Sign the petition.

STOP Child Abuse at the Governors School!

Thanks for standing up!
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