• We believe student achievement, moral development, and appreciation for America's unique heritage and government  belong at the center of school policies and curriculum.

  • We believe that students should be treated equally - free from discrimination of race, gender, national origin, religion, or political beliefs. Students have a right to benefit fully from education in an environment free from harassment and from disparate treatment.

  • We believe it is a fundamental right for parents to have access to the educational environment that serves their families best.

  • We believe that schools have a duty to provide full transparency to parents on all issues relating to their child.

  • We believe that the abolishment of the NCAE teachers association with its purpose to use North Carolina's children as political pawns to achieve a far-left agenda, is necessary to improve the education system in our state.

Education First Alliance Team


Education First Alliance fights for the equality of dignity and of opportunity for all K-12 students in North Carolina's educational system.


We are an alliance of parents, teachers, and education activists who came together 6 months into the pandemic lockdown to fight for the rights of students to receive quality in-person learning, free of bias and of radical indoctrination.  We have seen first hand how school boards and teachers unions destroy children's lives.

During the lockdown, we read hundreds of reports from local parents who were shocked by the anti-American, anti-Semitic, and racially biased curriculums they witnessed being taught to their children via Zoom classrooms.  

We realized that to maintain unity and to ensure academic achievement for all in our schools, we needed to come together to stop schools from spreading division and hatred in our schools with taxpayer money. We promote the idea that every student deserves dignity and a high-quality education, no matter their color, gender, nationality, or religion.


Throughout the pandemic school closures, we read many scientific reports that  demonstrated the safety of in-person schooling for both teachers and students yet many NC schools remain closed due to the outsized influence of the NCAE teachers alliance (though they describe themselves as a "union").


Some school boards, along with the NCAE,  have used the pandemic as a way to seize  power over our families and over our state's economy.  For decades we have heard politicians and activists crow about the importance of public school education, yet with the snap of their fingers they shut it down.  


Now we realize that we can either confront the assault on our  education system, or continue to accept a system in permanent decline, and one that promotes incivility and racial intolerance.   And reclaiming our schools, protecting our children, and asserting our rights as parents is what we're all about.

Taking on



Glenn Beck reads Ed First Alliance's own Sloan Rachmuth's article in the Federalist about the Marxism that's being taught to our children in North Carolina schools.