Dr. James Lindsay talks with Soan & Nancy about the abusive nature of SEL.

CMS Discussion with Dr. James Lindsay. Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the new common core but adds a heaping dose of critical race theory and brainwashing. Teachers are made into a therapist and children into victims.

Dr. James Lindsay explains the academic roots of SEL & CRT.

Renowned critical theory expert and philosopher James Lindsay explains the history of educational trends like SEL. Programs like CASEL, Harmony and 7 Mindsets are highly manipulative and may be unlawful.

🚨🚨Dumbing Down of America Through Critical Race Theory.

Former executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans Terris Todd will join Sloan in a conversation about the anti-intellectual aspects of critical race theory programming in our schools.

Sloan goes into the War Room with Steve Bannon to discuss critical race theory in first grade.

Steve and Sloan talk about the fact that Progressives are targeting our children at earlier ages. The similarities between critical race theory and Mao's education system are explored.

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