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We are an organization fighting for parental rights and against institutional radicalization and sexualization of children.

REPLAY: A Shared Destiny or A Shared Disaster? North Carolina's Future
REPLAY: A Shared Destiny or A Shared Disaster? North Carolina's Future
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Guess Who's Not Getting Teacher of the Year?
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New Education Legislation and NC Civic Rankings
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Our Impact

An Education First Alliance investigation found that 3 NC school districts pushed children to identify as the opposite sex, then keep 'gender changes' secret from parents. Months later, Republicans introduced a bill to ban the practice.

In May, Education First Alliance exposed UNC, ECU, and Duke for treating 'transgender' toddlers. In June, North Carolina legislators passed a law banning medications & operations for child 'gender' diagnoses.

NC Schools' Secret Gender Changes (1380 × 1080 px) (10).png

The legislation, passed after an Education First Alliance expose, bans boys and men from participating in women’s sports in middle and high school, as well as in universities. ​

Healthcare workers working in schools face stiff penalties for treating children without parental permission after reports. It also clarifies that healthcare workers should not be providing medical care related to gender identity without parental consent.

Duke, UNC, and ECU hospitals take down large swaths of web pages advertising child 'gender' clinics after public outrage. Education First Alliance published reports highlighting NC's medical teaching centers for treating toddlers for transgenderism.

An NC House Committee chairman ordered ECU officials to turn over emails and documents related to its 'Pride Clinic' for children of all ages.  The clinic, which serves gender-questioning children as young as four years old, is run by the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University.

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MISSION: Spur education reforms to 

Education First Alliance exists to educate, equip, and mobilize the most effective network of parent & teacher activists advocating for educational excellence and equality of opportunity so that all children can achieve the American Dream.

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