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Stop Spying on Children

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Understanding Critical Race Theory

Learn how the NC Department of Instruction and districts around the state are dividing children.

Sloan & Gaston Murray: The Government is distributing hard-core filth in our schools and Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is taking hits defending students.

We'll be talking about parents' fight to remove porn from school libraries. Gaston sounds off about the racist attacks coming from 🌈activists.

Sloan & Nicole Solas:  Arresting school board officials for peddling obscene, pornographic FILTH to our children.   

We will also discuss the Feds targeting parents for speaking out at school board meetings. Nicole is the Rhode Island mom not being sued by the NEA teacher's union for filing an open records request at her child's school.

CRAZY: Schools are diagnosing and treating kids for mental illness instead of educating.

Education expert Deb Fillman and Sloan discuss a dangerous program in our schools. In North Carolina and in other states, the government will screen all children for "social and emotional" problems and then will treat them in schools. Parents don't need to consent!

Sloan goes into the War Room with Steve Bannon to discuss critical race theory in first grade.

Steve and Sloan talk about the fact that Progressives are targeting our children at earlier ages. The similarities between critical race theory and Mao's education system are explored.


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